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Home > Leadership > Mayor > News Room > Mayor Brown Announces Start Of $5.7 Million Streetscape Phase Of The $70 Mi

Mayor Brown Announces Start Of $5.7 Million Streetscape Phase Of The $70 Million Northland Corridor

The new 47,500-square-foot, two-story Dash’s Market will be built at the corner of Hertel and Starin avenues, replacing the existing market,
 which dates back to the 1940s

Buffalo, N.Y. – Mayor Byron W. Brown today joined Joe Dash, owner of Dash’s Markets, to break ground for a $13 million project which will bring a state-of-the-art Dash’s to the corner of Hertel and Starin avenues.

“This is yet another example of a veteran Buffalo business reinvesting in the City.  It also continues the surge of momentum we’ve been witnessing of booming business along the Hertel Avenue business corridor,” Mayor Brown said. “Joe’s family has been in the grocery business in Buffalo for nearly a century, and I wish them the best of luck for many decades to come.”

Demolition will begin at the site this month, with the new store slated to open by October 1, 2018. The new, 47,500-square-foot, two-story Dash’s, will replace the current 13,000-square-foot market, located only a few feet away, at 1770 Hertel Ave.
The larger store with increased emphasis on personal service will boost employment from a current 75 associates, up to 175, including 35 full-time employees.

“I’ve always felt strong ties to North Buffalo and the City of Buffalo. My grandparents started in the grocery business just over on Fillmore Avenue 94 years ago, and we’ve been at this location for over 46 years. So this is where are roots are,” said Joe Dash.  “This is something we’ve wanted to do for several years, and it turns out that now our timing couldn’t be better with the renaissance of North Buffalo, and the renaissance of the whole City of Buffalo.”

Plans call for the new store to be built on the corner site, adjacent to the existing Dash’s Market.  The current store will remain open for business until approximately 8 weeks before the new store opens. The existing market, which dates back to the 1940s, will be razed to create a new, enlarged parking lot, with access off Hertel Avenue.

“My administration has always been a strong supporter of home-grown Buffalo businesses. Small businesses, especially veteran, family-owned businesses, like Dash’s, make up a unique quilt of stores and shops that offer a local flavor you’ll only find in Buffalo and Western New York,” Mayor Brown said.

“I couldn’t be happier with the trajectory for Hertel Avenue.  Successful business owners like Joe Dash providing stable neighborhood anchors is beneficial to the sustainability of the entire street,” said Delaware District Common Council Member Joel P. Feroleto.

"I also applaud Dash's for their socially conscious collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.  Reuse of all salvageable parts of the building before demolition is commendable.   Much of the materials removed during this phase of the project will be used in future projects in Western New York designed to assist those in need.”

Dash’s donated hundreds of interior pieces, doors and windows from the buildings which will be demolished to Habitat.

“Hertel Avenue is booming.  The vibrancy and diversity of the businesses is making Hertel Avenue a prime destination to shop, and North Buffalo a prime location to lives,” said Judy Porto, President, of the Hertel Avenue Business Association.

Dash, who has opened modern markets in Kenmore, Clarence and East Amherst, said he’s wanted to upgrade the Hertel Avenue market for years, but needed enough land to accommodate a modern store and parking. Things fell into place when he was able to purchase three adjacent properties, allowing him to realize his dream on the 1,700-block of Hertel Avenue.  The east wall of the new store will be just eight feet from the existing store at 1770 Hertel Ave.

“Getting the corner properties and not having to move to another part of Hertel is a dream come true. We’ll be able to offer our customers so many new shopping and dining options without disrupting their shopping patterns,” Dash added.

Work began today on a major upgrade of Northland Avenue which will create an attractive, walkable corridor to link the new workforce training
 and jobs campus to the neighborhood

Buffalo, N.Y. – Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced that work is now underway on the $5.7 million streetscape phase of the $70 million Northland Corridor project. Crews began the complete transformation of Northland Avenue, between Grider Street and Fillmore Avenue, which will create an attractive, walkable and safe corridor that will link the East Side neighborhood to the 35-acre training and jobs campus.

“A major focus of the streetscape project is to connect the on-site work, that’s well underway, to the community, helping to transform the surrounding neighborhood,” Mayor Brown said.

The streetscape project, which will be complete in late 2018, includes all new water and sewer lines, street paving, new curbs and sidewalks, new greenscape – featuring many street trees and plantings, and LED streetlights.

Another highlight will be the new traffic signal at this intersection to accommodate expected additional pedestrian traffic entering the re-imagined site.

“This will not only be an attractive corridor leading to the training and jobs campus, it will be a welcoming entrance to the Delavan-Grider neighborhood and Buffalo’s East Side,” Mayor Brown said.

Reverend William Gillison, pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church and leader of the Concerned Clergy of WNY, thanked the Mayor and the various City and State agencies leading the Northland Corridor Project for continuing to incorporate the needs and wishes of neighborhood stakeholders.

“This is a miracle that has been brought about because of the unity of all those involved on this project,” Rev. Gillison said. “For many of us, we’re watching a vision become a reality.”

Today’s announcement of the start of streetscape work, is one of a series of updates Mayor Brown has given over the past six months as the game-changing project has moved forward.

To date, demolition of two large former buildings on the idle industrial site have been demolished and work to rehabilitate a structure at 683 Northland Ave.  Construction of the new WNY Workforce Training Center start will next month, with the anticipated completion date of Oct. 1, 2018.

“This is not a concept, this is the real thing and we’re making great progress,” said Peter Cammarata, President of the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation, which is the City’s lead agency on the project.

In today’s Northland Corridor Project update, Mayor Brown noted there is constant monitoring of the “Community Workforce Agreement,” that sets high goals for the employment of minorities, women, city resident and apprentices. Specifically, the project has a 25% minority, 5% female, 30% city resident, and 20% apprentice hour goals.

“The project workforce goals are being met and the first class of the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program is finishing up its second week of the paid, eight-week program. Our first group of five African-American trainees, which includes four men and one woman, all from the immediate neighborhood and nearby zip codes, have been hard at work,” Mayor Brown said.

Mayor Brown said the training program is on target to fulfill his promise to put 20 young adults through the program and put them on the pathway to full apprenticeships and well-paying careers in the trades.