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Home > Leadership > Mayor > News Room > Mayor Brown Gets Lyft to Work to Kick-off the Ride-Sharing Era in Buffalo

Mayor Brown Gets Lyft to Work to Kick-Off Ride-Sharing Era in Buffalo

June 29 – Mayor Byron W. Brown arrived at City Hall this morning with Lyft driver, Buffalo resident Barbra Dowell, behind the wheel, kicking off the era of ride-sharing in Buffalo.

The Mayor proactively pushed for expansion of ride-sharing beyond the New York City area for over two years, and was joined by the mayors of Rochester, Syracuse and Albany in an Open Letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, supporting the statewide group, New Yorkers for Ridesharing, citing how this transportation option is critical to continued economic growth.
“I had a great experience taking Lyft to work this morning. My ride arrived right on time and I had a nice chat with Barbara on the way about why she became a Lyft driver.  As I’d hoped, the State Legislature’s approval of ride-sharing for all New York cities that want to participate, so companies  like Lyft offer an innovative platform on which people who wish to make extra money using their cars can give rides to people who wish to get places within the city safely and conveniently,” Mayor Brown said.

“I drive my friends around all the time, so I figured I might as well get paid for it,” said Ms. Dowell, who drove the Mayor to work to kick-off Lyft service in Buffalo.

The single mom, who works as a certified nursing assistant, said she’s looking forward to making extra money as a Lyft driver.

“I plan to do as many hours as I can. I enjoy driving and am looking forward to having interesting conversations with my passengers,” Ms. Dowell added.

Under updated ride-sharing legislation approved by state lawmakers in late May, Lyft and Uber were allowed to begin offering their rider-sharing services starting today, June 29th, 10 days earlier than previously planned, so the service would be available over the 4th of July holiday.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome we have already received in communities across New York State, including in Buffalo” said Jaime Raczka, Regional Director of New Markets for Lyft.  “Lyft acts as a tremendous resource for every community it operates in—getting people to where they need to be safely, stimulating local economies, reducing C02 emissions and supporting families with extra income.  We especially thank Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and every New York State resident who fought hard for access to Lyft, and we look forward to becoming New York’s ridesharing platform of choice.”