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Byron W. Brown was reelected to a fourth four-year term as mayor of New York’s second largest city following a victory in November of 2017, extending his stay as the 58th Mayor of Buffalo and continuing his mission to bring opportunity and prosperity to all people in Buffalo.
Shortly after taking office, Mayor Brown began implementing his vision to bring more equity, inclusion and diversity to Buffalo by following three guiding principles: attract more economic development and job growth, improve the quality of life for residents in neighborhoods citywide, and strengthen the delivery of city services. Under Mayor Brown’s leadership, Buffalo today is experiencing a significant rebirth, with over $6.1 billion in economic development activity underway, which is expected to create over 12,000 new jobs. His commitment to prudent and conservative budgeting has made Buffalo more competitive for investment, safer for residents and visitors, and fiscally stable. He continues to champion a number of bold projects that have turned Buffalo’s narrative from a story of decline to a positive story of growth and opportunity that is attracting attention and investment from around the globe.