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2007 Archives

Quality-of-life policing on the rise
Sep-06-2007 — Police officers wrote more summonses this summer for noise complaints, open containers, high grass and other quality- of-life offenses than at any point in at least seven years.
Pesky animal invaders driving some Buffalo neighborhoods wild
Jul-23-2007 — Skunks stage nightly parades in David Griggs’ Minnesota Avenue neighborhood. Barbara Schneider, who lives in the Valley neighborhood, captured a pesky critter she identified as a raccoon and called the city to remove it.
Housing violation complaints soar; city can’t keep up
Jul-16-2007 — Residents flooded City Hall with 4,153 complaints about housing code violations in the first five months of the year, and nearly one-third of the problems remain unresolved.
Commissioner wants experts to check empty buildings
Jun-30-2007 — The city will take new steps to prevent firefighters and others from being hurt in thousands of vacant buildings, officials announced Friday.
Violence down amid quality-of-life worry
Jun-28-2007 — Violent crime in Buffalo is down by 24 percent for the first five months of this year, but police are having a tough time dealing with routine quality-of-life complaints.
Some areas wait too long for arrival of ambulances
Jun-02-2007 — Many people who called for ambulances in certain Buffalo neighborhoods between January and March waited longer than they should have, the city's accountability panel was told Friday.
Gipson says noise law violators are cited
May-31-2007 — Buffalo's top law enforcer disputed claims Wednesday that police aren't doing enough to crack down on excessive noise and other neighborhood disturbances.
City Hall wants to cut outside legal fees
May-21-2007 — City Hall is looking for ways to slash the amount of money it spends on outside lawyers.
City looks for reasons behind high officer injury rate
May-05-2007 — One in seven Buffalo police officers was off-duty because of work-related injuries last month, and police brass warn the problem is getting worse.
Better response to gripes urged, despite city inspectors' workloads
Apr-23-2007 — When people complain to City Hall about overgrown grass, peeling paint or other non-emergency code violations in their neighborhoods, it sometimes takes overstretched inspectors 30 days to address problems.
Vacant buildings feeding spread of arson
Mar-15-2007 — Empty buildings are compounding Buffalo’s arson problems, especially in the Fillmore District, which logged more than five times as many fires in vacant structures last year than most other neighborhoods.
Mayor Defends City Efforts to Get Residents, Merchants to Clear Walks
Feb-17-2007 — Mayor Byron W. Brown disputed criticism Friday that the city is going too easy on people who don't shovel their sidewalks...
24 Hours Added to Pothole Vow
Feb-08-2007 — When Mayor Byron W. Brown recently announced a new assault on potholes, he talked about giving motorists a guarantee that holes would be filled within 24 hours...
Brown Renews Push For Traffic Surveillance Cameras
Feb-04-2007 — Motorists who run red lights at accident-prone intersections in Buffalo might soon be caught on candid camera. And the snapshots could end up saddling reckless drivers with traffic fines...
Brown Raises Summer Youth Jobs Goal to 2,500
Jan-27-2007 — When Byron W. Brown became mayor last year, one of his early priorities was to create 1,000 new summer jobs for young people...
Collect On Old Debts
Jan-16-2007 — Buffalo's CitiStat system shows encouraging signs of improved financial tracking. After years of trying to find money between the sofa cushions, City Hall is using computers to target money it's owed.
Staff Shortage Hurts Housing Inspections
Jan-15-2007 — A staff crunch is hindering efforts to crack down on people who ignore housing codes, according to Buffalo's economic development chief. Richard M. Tobe warned that the problem will only get worse now that the state is forcing city inspectors to perform new tasks.
Ways Sought to Collect Unpaid Fees
Jan-06-2007 — Deadbeats owe the city millions of dollars in unpaid taxes and fees, and Mayor Byron W. Brown is launching an offensive to find ways to collect some of the money...
Mayor Brown Announces CitiStat Buffalo Updates
Dec-15-2006 — Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced two new updates to the weekly CitiStat Buffalo meetings...
Vandal Gets 90 Days For Spray-Paint Graffiti
Nov-21-2006 — A graffiti vandal suspected of defacing nearly 100 buildings in Buffalo was sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail. Eric P. Osborne, 23, also was ordered by State Supreme Court Justice Penny M. Wolfgang to serve five years of probation, pay $360 in ...