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Home > City Departments > Special Programs and Agencies > Wellness Program > Creating Well-Being-personal, professional, organizational

Creating Well-Being-personal, professional, organizational

CREATING WELL-BEING© - personal, professional, organizational

If you would like to be healthier, happier, more productive, balanced and fulfilled...
If you or yours have any health problem...
If you¹d like to experience less stress...
If you¹d like to improve any relationship...
If you¹d like to make other changes, or if you face new challenges...

Or even if you just want more joy in your life, or greater resilience in adversity... Do this course!

SESSION 1: Making Choice Conscious
SESSION 2: Choosing Highly Productive Attitudes and Behaviors
SESSION 3: Choosing A Life Structure That Works
SESSION 4: Choosing Win-Win Outcomes, Consistently.

³Marcella¹s simple, powerful four-week growth process provides the tools for change, uncovering the potential for new solutions within her participants.²
- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

Dr. Borysenko is the co-founder of Harvard Medical School¹s Mind/Body Clinic, and she directed it for the first eight years. Her New York Times best-seller, MINDING THE BODY, MENDING THE MIND, is based on the Clinic¹s pioneering success with thousands of patients. As our text, it supports and extends the principles, practices and life skills of CREATING WELL-BEING©.

³This course makes it easy to make our lives better - less stressful, more rewarding and more fulfilling.²
- R. Paulson, Sr. Management Consultant, Erie County Budget Dept.

³This was the best investment I have ever made. I use it every day!²
- C. Watkins, RN, MS, Buffalo Psychiatric Center

³As a cardiac patient, I see this as an integrated functional growth process for helping people avoid health problems. The significance of the information is staggering. In my case, it has obviated my use of nitroglycerine since 1988.²
- R. Jagodzinski, Retired US Government Employee

³This was the best course I have ever taken anywhere - hands-on, research-based and applicable in everyday life and work. I had never before seen attitude as a choice.²
- K. Biel Costantino, RN, Admin. Coordinator, Erie County Health Dept.

³The power to choose is simple - but awesome.²
- J. Allen, Executive Director, Amherst Industrial Development Agency

This is a uniquely effective accelerated learning process, grounded in mind/body health research... profound, lasting and guaranteed. Tuition, plus text and extensive materials, $200. Couples, $300. Review $50. Tuition free for Community Blue and most BlueCross BlueShield of WNY subscribers.

You need all four classes. Reserve any mix you need. Make-ups are free. To reserve, call 564-1110, or e-mail New class dates monthly. You can schedule a free condensed version for your group or management team, and/or schedule this course in-house. Call to request preferred class dates/locations.