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Street Resurfacing

The DPW has spent over $50M resurfacing streets City-wide since 2006.

Streets Resurfaced 2006-2016


Do you have a street that you think needs to be addressed?  Request street resurfacing or filling potholes to the Mayor’s Office for Citizen Services or by calling 311.  

The DPW prioritizes street resurfacing by its rating system as well as a number of other factors including the possible need for utility repairs and grouping streets that are in close proximity for a given contract.

City’s pavement rating system:
The City updated its pavement rating for all streets in 2017.  The City rates all streets that are not eligible for federal aid and the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council rates all federal aid streets.  The City’s rating criteria is described below as well as a map of all current ratings. 

The City rates its streets on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excellent condition and 1 being very poor.  The streets are inspected by engineers from the Division of Engineering and assigned a rating based on the condition of the surface at the time of the inspection.  It is important to note that factors such as the annual freeze thaw cycles, utility cuts and other factors may cause the pavement condition to change in a way that is not consistent with its current rating.  Please contact 311 to request an inspection of a street if you feel that the current rating does not reflect the current surface condition.   

2017 Street Ratings Map


Looking for a rating of a street not on this map?  GBNRTC does the rating of Federal aid eligible streets and is working on posting those ratings online.  Check back here for a link to the GBNRTC website when the ratings are available. 

Federal Eligible Street Map