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Residential Sales


NBHB CODE: Neighborhood code.  It represent an identifiable geographic area, as determined by the Department’s valuation staff, wherein similar properties have similar values for various inventory items, such as square foot of living area (SFLA), garage, number of baths, etc.

When making comparisons, it is generally best to use comparable sales from the same neighborhood as the subject property.

SBL Number: This means the map number for the parcel on the Erie County Tax Maps.  Copies of these maps are in use in our office.  This SBL Number provides us with another method of sorting and also of filing property records geographically.

Inventory:  Shown with each sale is a selection of important inventory items. Our records contain additional items such as garage capacity and air conditioning, etc.

Prop class: Property class.  This is a classification of the property, according to its primary use.  The residential classes presented are:

210  = One Family
215  = One Family with additional living area, but not two family.
            Sometimes referred to as having an "in-law" apartment.            
220  = Two Family
230  = Three Family
281  = Two or more of the above classes on the same parcel.  That is, more than one house on the same parcel.

SFLA:  Represents the Square Foot of Living Area, as measured from the exterior of the dwelling.  This is helpful in comparing properties, however other factors such as number of baths, garage, exterior siding material and overall condition, among others, should also be considered.

Gross/sq ft: Is the sales price per square foot of living area.

Net/sq ft:  Is the sales price per square foot of living area after subtracting the assessment land value.  This figure is useful when comparing properties where the parcel shapes and sizes vary significantly.