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Title Artist Date Medium Category Subject Bio
Hon. William P. Fisher Charles Oddo 1944 Oil on Canvas Portrait Council President Term of office: 1940-1943


Unit Measure Object Height Object Width Frame Height Frame Width
Inches 21.125 18.0625 25.75 23.625

Location History

Location Purpose Date Location Verified Current Record
Council Chambers Display 11/5/2002 Yes
McKay Lodge Conservation Lab Treatment 6/24/1999 No
Council Chambers Display 1/24/1997 No

Condition History

Condition Assessed By Purpose Date Completed Object Condition Frame Condition Current Record
McKay Lodge Conservation Lab Conservation Treatment 6/24/1999 Excellent Excellent Yes
West Lake Conservators Condition Survey 1/24/1997 Very Poor Good No

Conservation History

Treatment Performed By Date Completed Previous Object Condition New Object Condition Previous Frame Condition New Frame Condition Current Record
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. 6/24/1999 Very Poor Excellent Good Excellent Yes