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Read George W. Clinton's Biography


Title Artist Date Medium Category Subject Bio
Hon. George W. Clinton L.G. Sellstedt 1899 Oil on Canvas Portrait Mayor Term of office: 1842


Unit Measure Object Height Object Width Frame Height Frame Width
Inches 36 29 40.75 33.875

Location History

Location Purpose Date Location Verified Current Record
Mayor's Office Display 11/5/2002 Yes
McKay Lodge Conservation Lab Treatment 6/24/1999 No
Mayor's Office Display 1/22/1997 No

Condition History


Condition Assessed By Purpose Date Completed Object Condition Frame Condition Current Record
McKay Lodge Conservation Lab Conservation Treatment 6/24/1999 Excellent Excellent Yes
West Lake Conservators Condition Survey 1/22/1997 Poor Fair No

Conservation History

Treatment Performed By Date Completed Previous Object Condition New Object Condition Previous Frame Condition New Frame Condition Current Record
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. 6/24/1999 Poor Excellent Fair Excellent Yes