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Title Artist Date

East Lovejoy Community War Memorial


Dedicated 11/14/1920



Medium Category

Engraved Rough Grey Granite Stone with Smooth Face on Rough Grey Granite Base



Unit Measure Object Height Object Width Object Depth Object Diameter
Feet 7.5 10.5 5 N/A
Unit Measure Base Height Base Width Base Depth Base Diameter
Feet 1.5 5 5 N/A


The front of the memorial is engraved with the emblems of the POW-MIA, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard.  The inscriptions on the front read: "Vietnam 1961-1975," "In the World's War they sacrificed all (followed by 15 names), World War 1917-1918," "Korea 1950-1955."  The back of the memorial is engraved with eagles flanking the years "1941-1946." The inscriptions on the back read: "Korea 1950-1955 (followed by 4 names)," "World War II 1941-1946, In grateful recognition of the brave men and women of the East Lovejoy Community who so loyally served this nation in the great wars. This honor roll is our enduring tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country (followed by 49 names), July 1993," "Vietnam 1961-1975."

Biographical Info.

This memorial was originally erected by the citizens of the 10th Exemption Board District in memory of those community members who gave their lives in the first World War.  The memorial was added to in 1993 with flanking stones and new inscriptions and engravings when residents of the East Lovejoy Community rededicated the memorial to those community members who fought and died in all wars.


Location History

Location Purpose Date Verified Current Record
Hennepin Park, near Bailey Ave. and Hennepin St. intersection Display December 2003 Yes

Conservation/Preservation History

Treatment Performed by Date Completed Previous Object Condition New Object Condition Previous Base Condition New Base Condition Current Record
Russell-Marti Conservation Services Inc. Fall 2004 Good Excellent Very Good Very Good Yes

Condition Survey History

Surveyed By Purpose Date Completed Object Condition Base Condition Current Record
Hamilton, Houston, Lownie Architects, LLC
Buffalo Arts Commission General Condition Survey August 2004 Very Good Very Good Yes