City of Buffalo
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Paintings and Photographs

Paintings and Photographs in the Ellicott District


Frank X. Schwab by C. Sorgi

Frederic Chopin by Joseph C. Mazur

Giuseppe Verdi (replica) by Antonio Ugo and A. Decianno

Grover Cleveland by unknown artist

John F. Kennedy by Bryant Baker

Millard Fillmore by unknown artist

Decorative Objects

Bronze Tile Project by Roberley Bell and Bennett Park Montessori Center students


Days Park Fountain by unknown artist

Fountain at Fountain Plaza by Stu Dawson

Police Memorial by Peter Castle


Crusade for Freedom Memorial by unknown artist

Empire State Games Tribute by unknown artist

Jesse Clipper Memorial by unknown artist


Soldiers and Sailors Monument by Caspar Bubert

William McKinley Monument by Alexander Phimister Proctor and Newman & Evans


American and Canadian Flag Plaque by unknown artist

Buffalo Arts Commission Conservation Award by unknown artist

Canadian Maple Trees Commemorative Plaque by unknown artist

Charles E. Roesch Plaque by unknown artist

Charles R. Turner Plaque by unknown artist

Chester Gorski Plaque by unknown artist

Irish Famine Memorial by Fergus Design

Joan Fuzak Plaque by unknown artist

John Maynard Plaque by unknown artist

Johnson Park Plaque by unknown artist

Lake Erie Plaque by Lincoln Memorials

Niagara Square Plaque by unknown artist

Oldest Tree Plaque by unknown artist

Polish Soldiers Memorial by unknown artist

Saint Joseph's Park Plaque by unknown artist

Salvation Army Plaque by unknown artist

Seal of the City of Buffalo I by unknown artist

Seal of the City of Buffalo II by unknown artist

Thomas A. Dijna Plaque by unknown artist

Tony Sisti Park Plaque by unknown artist


City Hall Frieze East by Albert Stewart

City Hall Frieze West by Albert Stewart

Keepers of the Western Door by Kenneth Payne


Coronation Day by Kenneth Snelson

Untitled #1 by Duayne Hatchett

Untitled #2 by Duayne Hatchett


Bison by Cecilia Evans Taylor

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry by Charles H. Niehaus

Fireman's Monument by Hamilton

General Kazimier Pulaski by Kazimierz Danilewicz

Grover Cleveland by Bryant Bake

Millard Fillmore by Bryant Baker

Samuel Manning Welch by Eugene Morahan

The Hiker by Allen George Newman

World War II Eagle by J. Bianchi and Son Inc.

Time Capsules

Sesquicentennial Time capsule by unknown artist

WBEN Millennium Time Capsule by Wagner Monuments