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Title Artist Date


Charles Cary Rumsey (Sculptor), H. Rouard (Founder)




Medium Category

Bronze Statue on Granite Base




Unit Measure Object Height Object Width Object Depth Object Diameter
Feet 13 4.5 11.5 N/A
Unit Measure Base Height Base Width Base Depth Base Diameter
Feet unknown unknown unknown N/A


A male figure sits astride a horse with his proper right arm around the horse's neck, his torso against the proper right side of the horse's head facing towards the back of horse. His proper left arm is outstretched holding a bow.  The horse is rearing up on its hind legs.  The inscription on nearby plaque reads: "The Centaur, Charles Cary Rumsey (1879-1922) sculptor. Presented to the Buffalo Historical Society by Charles Cary Rumsey Jr. and Mary Harriman Rumsey 1953."


Biographical Info.

Horses were the favorite subject of Charles Rumsey. He was a sportsman. In Bullfinch's book, Age of Fable, a Centaur was a monster represented as a man, from the head to the loins, with the remainder of the body that of a horse.


Location History

Location Purpose Date Verified Current Record
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, front lawn Display December 2003 Yes

Conservation/Preservation History

Treatment Performed by Date Completed Previous Object Condition New Object Condition Previous Base Condition New Base Condition Current Record
Russell-Marti Conservation Services Inc. September 2002 Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Yes
Russell-Marti Conservation Services Inc. October 1998 Poor Excellent Very Poor Excellent No

Condition Survey History

Surveyed By Purpose Date Completed Object Condition Base Condition Current Record
University at Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning Save Outdoor Sculpture Inventory and Condition Survey June 1992 Poor Poor No