3.5 Next Steps

The plan is based on the contributions of City departments and agencies, other stakeholder organizations, and extensive public consultations carried out over a number of years through the Buffalo Neighborhood Summits and the Downtown Buffalo Summits. A final round of agency, stakeholder, and public review was undertaken between the summer of 2003 and early 2004. In addition the plan was posted on the City’s website (www.city-buffalo.com). The plan was submitted to the Common Council in July 2005 and adopted February 7, 2006

Part One of the plan, “Issues, Resources and Challenges” showed clearly that, while Buffalo has good prospects, immediate steps must be taken and continuing effort must be sustained if the goals of the Plan are to be achieved by 2030.

Among these steps are the following: 

  • Negotiation with Albany and Washington to establish the special Buffalo Development Program;

  • Reorganization of the Economic Development structure of the City and the Region as recommended in the One Stop

  • Shop report done for the Buffalo-Niagara Partnership; 

  • Continued effort by the City Administration to identify and implement best management practices that permit cost savings and redeployment of city resources to support implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; 

  • Continuing negotiation with the County and region on inter-municipal service sharing and agreements that permit more effective and efficient use of resources, or shared acceptance of common responsibilities; 

  • A review of the City organizational structure and responsibilities, within the context of the City Charter, to provide for effective delivery of the planning policies set out in the Comprehensive Plan, including reform of the approval process for private sector development proposals;

  • A revised Zoning Ordinance consistent with the Land Use concept of the Comprehensive Plan, and

  • Implementation of the Urban Design Guidelines contained within the plan.

The work plan outlined above should proceed immediately.