Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan


The Queen City in the 21st Century: Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan is a bold statement by residents, businesses and political leaders about what kind of future Buffalo can expect if we plan together and implement with commitment.

Buffalo is the second largest city in the State of New York and the hub of the Buffalo- Niagara Region. As Buffalo goes, so goes the region. The Queen City in the 21st Century is based on that fundamental understanding.

The plan makes an unequivocal commitment to the use of smart growth principles as tools to revitalize the City and stabilize the region.By building on our cultural assets, increasing the economic base through strategic investments in infrastructure and business development, and enhancing the green environment, we are confident that we can reestablish Buffalo’s position of greatness in the nation and world.

This is a bold plan with bold ideas. It is right for this generation as it works to establish itself in the 21st century. The success of this plan will ultimately be measured by the health and vitality of the Buffalo’s neighborhoods. Our growth as an economic center will go hand in hand with the increasing strength of our neighborhoods.

The plan is based on the understanding that the past is history and the future is unwritten. Buffalo’s past provides us with much to work with. This plan will help us seize the opportunity to write a future that realizes all of its possibilities. If we work together and stick with this plan we can write that bold future all of us want.