6 Addenda

Plans Incorporated by Reference 

_ Queen City Hub: Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo 

  • A Plan for the Ellicott Radials

  • An Olmsted Parks and Parkways Plan 

  • The Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan 

  • The Waterfront Corridor Initiative 

  • The Peace Bridge Expansion Plan 

The City-Wide Community Preservation Plan

Environmental Commission Plan 

  •  City of Buffalo Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – City of Buffalo All Hazards Mitigation Plan 

Facilities and Vacant Land Management Plan

  • Good Neighbors Planning Alliance – Community/Neighborhood Plans 

Four Year Strategic Plan

Regional Planning Links 

  • Buffalo-Niagara Cultural Tourism Initiative 

  • Erie County Planning Framework 

  • Erie Niagara Regional Economic Development Strategy 

_ GBNRTC 2030 Long Range Plan for Erie and Niagara Counties

 _ = Complete in draft 

* = Under development