5 Acknowledgements

City of Buffalo 

Bryon W. Brown, Mayor 
Anthony M. Masiello, Former Mayor 

Common Council 

Michael Locurto, Delaware District 
Marc A. Coppola, Former Delaware District 
Brian C. Davis, Ellicott District 
David A. Franczyk, Fillmore District 
Richard A. Fontana, Lovejoy District 
Antoine M. Thompson, Masten District 
Dominic J. Bonifacio, Jr., Niagara District 
Joseph Golombek, Jr., North District 
Michael P. Kearns, South District 
Bonnie E. Russell, University District 

BuffaloCityPlanning Board 

Frank Manuele 
James Morrell 
Susan Hoyt 
Cynthia Schwartz 
Henry Burns 
Horace Goia 
Michael Lyons

City of Buffalo, Office of Strategic Planning 

Timothy E. Wanamaker, Executive Director 
Joseph Ryan, Executive Director (2000-2002) 
William Grillo, Acting Director of Planning 
Chuck Thomas, AICP, Former Deputy Director, Project Manager 

Carter International 

David Carter 

University at Buffalo, State University of New York 

John Sheffer, Executive Director at the Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth 
Robert Shibley, Director, The Urban Design Project with 

Editorial Support 

Bradshaw Hovey, Ph.D 
Laura Scarisbrick 

Mapping and Graphics Support 

Sean Brodfuehrer 
Rishawn Sonubi 
Kenneth Vail 
Justin Steinbach 
Steven Watchorn 

Production Support 

Eric Shepherd  

Table 19 Acknowledgements Technical and Review Support
Technical and Review Support   Buffalo City Planning Board Frank Manuele
Architect David Stieglitz Erie County Planning Laurence Rubin
Ken Swanekamp
Michael Krasner
Buffalo Board of Education Mel Alston  
Buffalo Economic   Buffalo Arts Commission David Granville
Renaissance Corporation Michael Ball
Alan DeLisle
David Stebbins
Friends of the Buffalo
Niagara River
Julie O'Neill
Lynda Schneekloth
Buffalo EMC Bruce Coleman  
Buffalo Green Fund David Colligan Government Representative Jeffrey Williams
Buffalo Municipal
Housing Authority
Charles J. Priore
Lawrence Senear
Sharon West
Greater Buffalo-Niagara
Regional Transportation
Richard Guarino
Hal Morse
Buffalo Niagara
Medical Campus
Matt Enstice Joint School
Construction Board
Justine LeFauve
Valerie Nolan
Buffalo Sewer Authority Anthony Hazzan  
  National Fuel Gas Patricia Paul
City of Buffalo
Daniel Kreuz Niagara Frontier
Transit Authority
Walter Zmuda
Law Department Michael Risman Parks Coordinator Dennis Maloney
Commissioner of
Public Works
Joseph Giambra Principal Engineer, Works Paul Gareis
Common Council Staff Mark Jaskula The Butler Carriage House Douglas Francis
Department of Assessment
& Taxation
Tony Krayna University at Buffalo,
Center for Urban Studies
Henry Taylor
Dept. of Audit & Control Michael R. Szukala  
Assistant City Forester Andy Rabb Wendel Duchscherer  
Office of Strategic Planning   Architects and Engineers Mark Mistretta