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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archive Press Releases > 2007 Archives > August 2007 > National Fuel Gas Company Foundation Forms Partnerships, Makes Donation

National Fuel Gas Company Foundation Partners with Area Legislators and Preservation Organizations

Office of the Mayor
Peter K. Cutler
Director of Communications
Julie Coppola Cox
National Fuel Gas
(716) 857-7079

National Fuel Gas Company Foundation Partners with Area Legislators and Local
Preservation Organizations and Donates $25,000 to the Allentown Association

Williamsville, New York: The National Fuel Gas Company Foundation has partnered with New York State Senator Antoine Thompson, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, the Allentown Association and the Buffalo Preservation Board and today announces that it has made a $25,000 donation to the Allentown Association. The grant will assist home and business owners in Buffalo’s Historic Preservation Districts make improvements to the exterior of their properties following the installation of a natural gas meter outside of their property.   

A check presentation will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2007, at 3 p.m., at 26 Orton Place in Allentown, N.Y.

“By coupling the Foundation’s donation with our Utility’s pre-existing commitment to
restore landscaping, walkways and driveways impacted by system upgrades and meter
installations, we are pleased to help the City maintain its architectural integrity and the elegance and natural beauty of its historic landmarks,” said David F. Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of National Fuel Gas Company.

The National Fuel Gas Company Foundation’s donation is earmarked for those owning
property in the Historic Preservation Districts in Buffalo who are seeking assistance in
maintaining the exterior of their property in a manner consistent with the City’s preservation standards after Utility system upgrades have resulted in the outside placement of their natural gas meter.

"I'd like to thank National Fuel for their donation towards addressing residents' aesthetic
and structural concerns in complying with Historic Preservation codes," said Senator Thompson.

The Allentown Association has dedicated itself to enhancing, promoting, and protecting
Allentown's unique historic environs and community-wide commitment to diversity and beauty for the past 43 years. It is a grassroots, volunteer civic organization with 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable status.

"I commend the National Fuel Gas Company Foundation for providing funds to the
Allentown Association to assist homeowners interested in preserving the architectural integrity of their homes following the utility's installation of state-mandated exterior regulators," stated Mayor Brown. "Maintaining the distinctive characteristics of homes in Buffalo's Historic Preservation Districts is important and this donation, combined with the company's utility system upgrades, is a reflection of the National Fuel's genuine interest in helping to preserve the unique quality of the our community."

As the Utility upgrades its pipeline system new, high-density plastic pipe is installed and
the pressure at which natural gas travels on the pipeline is upgraded to provide better reliability. By moving gas through the system at a higher pressure, an associated device, called a regulator, is also installed. For safety reasons, New York Public Service Law mandates that regulators be located outside of the home.

In some cases, at a customer’s request, an alternative installation location can be
accommodated, however, difficulties with such requests often arise in Historic Preservation
Districts because of the proximity of the properties to the neighboring units, the street, sidewalk or driveways. The National Fuel Gas Company Foundation’s gift will help residents and property owners in these districts with aesthetic improvements following this necessary system work.

Details about how to apply for an individual grant will be announced in late August.
Following this announcement, individuals can learn more about grant application by visiting, or by calling the Association at (716) 881-1024.

Begun in 2004, the National Fuel Gas Company Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit
organization that is funded entirely with contributions from the company’s shareholders,
receiving no financial support from any of National Fuel’s business segments, including the
Utility. Since its inception, the Foundation has offered donations of nearly $1.8 million to nonprofit organizations in western New York and beyond.

A check presentation will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2007, at 3 p.m., at
26 Orton Place in Buffalo’s Allentown District. Representatives from National Fuel, State
Senator Antoine Thompson, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, members of the Allentown
Association and the Buffalo Preservation Board will be in attendance. Interview and photo
opportunities will be offered to attending media.

National Fuel is an integrated energy company with $4.0 billion in assets comprising five
operating segments: Utility, Pipeline and Storage, Exploration and Production, Energy
Marketing, and Timber. Additional information about National Fuel is available at