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Demolition FAQs

  • Who owns the lot after demolition?

    - the property owner still owns the lot after the building is demolished, and must maintain it as long as he owns it.

  • Does the City of Buffalo sow grass seed after demolition, grading and leveling?


  • Does the City develop lots after demolition, with topsoil, landscaping, etc?

    -In some cases, in conjunction with Community-Based Organizations

  • How long is the city responsible for grading and leveling of lots?

    -The Contractor is responsible for I year, unless the lot is illegally driven on or dumping of trash occurs.

  • What about high grass and weeds after demolition?

    -If privately-owned, the owner is responsible; the district inspector should 'Cite' the owner. If the City of Buffalo is the owner, the Division of Real Estate or Public Works should cut it.

  • What about using a hose to keep dust down during demolition?

    -No hosing is required from November 15 to April 15 (as it could cause an ice sheet, hazardous conditions, etc.)

    -Contractor must hose during the demolition process where a hose is readily available, (which they are, in 95% of the demos)

  • Who "monitors" demolitions?

    -The City of Buffalo has two inspectors to inspect and observe all City, private and City of Buffalo demolitions crew demolitions.

  • Who assures that asbestos has been removed from buildings that are to be demolished?

    -The City of Buffalo sends out an asbestos-certified inspector 'crew' to inspect all demolitions (that are not "private" demo's). They log each building with how much of and what type of asbestos is in or on the building. If the asbestos is in the building, we "bid-out" to remove asbestos. The City has it re-inspected by the two demolition inspectors to insure that the building is 'clean' before it is "bid-it out" for a demolition contract.

  • Can I remove asbestos from my own single family home?

    - Only if it is a 1-family owner-occupied home, an owner can remove asbestos from their own home. If it is a 2-family dwelling or more, or a commercial/industrial building, a licensed New York State certified contractor must do asbestos abatement. The owner of a 1 family occupied home can remove asbestos, but disposal is his problem. He or she can put it at the curb, but the City of Buffalo does not have to pick it up. It is recommended that the owner water-soak asbestos prior to removal, and double-bag it in contractors' garbage bags.