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Civil Service


How to Obtain - Applications may be obtained in person at the office of Civil Service or by mailing a self addressed and stamped envelope with a written request.

How to file - Applications must be filed within the filing period on any business day in person at the office of Civil Service or by mail. (Mailed application must be post marked on or before the final filing date)

Examination Fee

The non-refundable examination fee is $15.00 per application, unless otherwise stated on the examination announcement.

The non-refundable examination fee for uniformed service within the Police and Fire Departments is $25.00 per application.

Application Fee - Application Processing fee must be submitted in cash, check or money order only. The application fee must accompany your application.

Application fee waivers are available in the Civil Service Office - subject to verification.

Note - Civil Service reserves the right to accept applications for an examination subsequent to the filing period but prior to the date of the examination for an adequate reason.

Note - Fingerprints may be required at the time of appointment; with a fee paid by the appointee.


The salary of the position is subject to change, or may be different in agencies serviced by Civil Service and vacancies may, therefore, be filled at a higher or lower salary than the announced salary.


If you are entitled to Veteran's credits, you must claim these credits when you file your application (a copy of your DD214 military discharge), however there is an option to waive points any time prior to appointment. Be sure to enter all information regarding your claim as required on the application regardless of whether or not you have previously established your claim for such credits with a local civil service agency or the New York State Department of Civil Service. If you have previously used these credits for permanent appointment to a civil service position, you may not claim them again.

Eligible List

The term of the eligible list resulting from an examination will be one year and may be extended up to four years. Candidates will be ranked on the resulting eligible list in order of their final ratings, with the name of the candidates with highest final rating at the top of such list.

Physical / Medical Standards

Candidates must be free from any physical condition that would impair ability to perform satisfactorily the duties of the position. A medical examination may be required before appointment.


The examination will be held in compliance with the New York State Civil Service Law and Rules and Regulations of the local Civil Service Division. Most examinations are prepared and rated by the N.Y.S. Department of Civil Service in accordance with Section 23-2 of the Civil Service Law, and the provisions of the N.Y.S.Civil Service Rules and Regulations dealing with rating and review of exams apply.

Notice to report to the exam will be mailed to you prior to the examination date. Call this office if you have not received your notice 3 days before the date of the test. Prohibited Material -If allowed, candidates have the option of bringing a hand-held, battery- or solar-powered calculator to the test room unless specifically notified that their use is prohibited. Devices with typewriter keyboards, spell checkers, personal digital assistants, address books, language translators, dictionaries or any similar devices are prohibited. You may not bring books or other reference material. Possession of a weapon is strictly prohibited in the test room. Cellular phones blackberries, ipods, mp3 players, tablets, pagers, headphones or any other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the test room.  Possession of these devices in the test room will result in disqualification.

Important Information Regarding Weather Conditions on the Day of the Examination – In the event of severe weather conditions on the day of the examination, please listen to the following radio/TV stations for postponement or delay in the starting time of the administration of the examination: WBEN 550, WGR 930, WWWS 1400, WWKB 1520 AM RADIO, WKSE 98.5, WLKK 102.5, WTSS 107.7-FM RADIO OR WIVB-TV (CH. 4). If no such announcement is made, you must presume that the examination will be administered as scheduled.

Multiple Exams

If you have applied for both State and local government examinations, you must notify the City of Buffalo Department of Human Resources/Civil Service Administration of your intent to take both a State and a local government examination. When taking both a State and a local government examination you will be required to take all your examinations at a State examination center. You will be advised by letter when and where to report for your examinations.

Local Government Exams notify each civil service agency to make arrangements not later than two weeks before test date. You must notify each agency with whom you have filed. For this information, notify the Buffalo Civil Service office in person or by calling.

Saturday Religious Observers - Handicapped Persons:

If special arrangements for testing are required, please mark the appropriate section on the application and file a supplemental form with your application. These forms may be obtained at the Civil Service Office, 1001 City Hall upon request.

In accordance with State Law and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the City of Buffalo does not discriminate against handicapped persons in access to employment, during employment, or in any of its programs and activities.

Change of Address

Change of Address notification must be made IN WRITING to the Buffalo Civil Service Office. Please include name, previous address, new address, social security number and the title of exam(s).


Residence in the City of Buffalo is a requirement for all positions. In the absence of clear and convincing evidence to the contrary, an applicant shall be deemed a non-resident if not able to verify 90 days of continuous and uninterrupted residence in the City of Buffalo prior to filing application.


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