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Home > City Departments > City Clerk > Genealogy Records and Resources

Genealogy Records and Resources

Records Management
85 River Rock Drive, Suite 301
Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: (716) 874-6401 or (716) 570-8721

What types of records are available from the Buffalo City Clerks Office for genealogy research?

     1.  Birth Indexes - if on file for at least 75 years and the person whose name is on the birth certificate is known to be

     2.  Death Indexes - if on file for at least 50 years.

     3.  Marriage Indexes - on file for at least 50 years and the bride and groom are both known to be deceased.

What is the fee for a genealogy copy?

The standard fee for a genealogy copy is $10.00, if exact date is known or see box below if research is involved.  This includes a copy of the certificate, a three-year search of the index, the retrieval and re-filing of the microfilm/microfiche and either a copy of the record or a no record report.  When more than a three-year search is requested, the fee is higher.


Period Searched


1 to 3 years


4 to 10 years


11 to 20 years


Requests should be mailed to:  Vital Records, 65 Niagara Square, 1302 City Hall, Buffalo NY 14202