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Home > City Departments > City Clerk > Birth, Death & Marriage Records for the City of Buffalo ONLY > Marriage Certificate Request

Marriage Certificate Request - FOR THE CITY OF BUFFALO ONLY

Application for Birth Certificate, Death Certificate or Marriage 

Please E-mail us your suggestions or Comments

  • Office hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Fees: If no record is on file, a NO RECORD CERTIFICATION will be issued and the fee will NOT be refunded.

Requesting a record Via Internet: Orders can be processed with a credit card at

Requesting a record Via Mail: Orders are processed within 7-10 days from receipt of mail request and the following information must be included:

  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Money order payable to the City Clerk ($10 per Certificate)
  • Copy of government issued photo ID 
  • Proof of address if your address on your ID is not current and send to:
    • Vital Records
      1302 City Hall
      65 Niagara Square
      Buffalo NY 14202

Who is eligible to obtain a marriage certificate copy?

        -  The bride or groom
        -  New York State Court Order or a Government agency for a legal or proper purpose only

Identification Requirements - application must be submitted with copies of EITHER A or B:

A.  One (1) of the following forms of valid photo ID:

     - Drivers license with photo
     - Non-driver photo ID card
     - Passport
     - Other government issued photo ID


B.  Five (5) of the following showing the applicant's name and address:

     - Utility bills (gas, electric, phone, cable)
     - Paycheck stubs
     - Social Services card
     - Social Security card
     - Health Insurance card
     - Mortgage/Rental lease statement

Important Notes:

Failure to include necessary identification will result in rejection of your application.

A copy of Passport is required if request is made from a foreign country that requires a U.S. Passport for travel.

Request a record in Person: You must provide government issued photo ID and meet eligibility requirements depending on the type of document you are seeking. The fee is $10 per certificate payable by money order, credit card (MasterCard® or Visa®), or cash.


Applications can be processed in Room 1301 in City Hall and both parties must be present. Both applicants must provide the following: 

  • A current Driver's license with photo or a state issued photo ID such as a non-driver's license, passport, etc;
  • A Certified Birth Certificate listing parents' names;
  • Social Security Number
  • For foreign language birth certificates:  You need to provide a certified translation into English from International Institute of Buffalo, 864 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209, #(716) 883-1900, along with the original birth certificate.
  • For Canadians:  Please make sure to bring the LONG FORM of your birth certificate.  Small card birth certificates are not accepted due to not having parents' names on them.
  • For Refugees:  If you do not have a birth certificate, you must go to the agency that is sponsoring you and they will write your name, birth date, birth place, and parents' names on their letterhead.  The envelope must be sealed when it arrives in the office - you will not receive this information back.
  • If previously married:  You must provide a copy of your final divorce decree that has the County stamp on it as to where it was filed.  If there was more than one divorce, you will have to provide the date of all divorces and have the paperwork for the latest divorce

You must be 18 years or older in order to apply for a marriage license.

If previously married, you must provide a copy of your final divorce decree that has the County stamp on it as to where it was filed.

The present fee for a New York State Marriage License is $40.00.

The license is issued immediately, the marriage ceremony may not take place within 24 hours from the exact time that the license was issued.

The marriage license is valid for 60 days, beginning the day after it is issued.

Appointments for wedding ceremonies at City Hall or within the Buffalo City limits can be made at the time of the license or by contacting our office, (716) 851-5444.