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311 Call and Resolution Center


Sick of spending your lunch hour on the phone requesting to have a tree removed?  The City of Buffalo 311 Call and Resolution Center provides citizens with fast, centralized access to city services.  Register complaints, get information, and access non-emergency police services.  When appropriate, a Reference Number will be assigned to your request so that you can track its progress.  There are two easy ways to reach us:

  • Call 311 or (716) 851-4890.  The Call Center hours are posted to the right.  During periods when the Center is closed, you can leave a voice-mail message. 
  • Online from this web page anytime!
  • Download the 311 App at the Google Play app store or iTunes

A report or request can be sent anonymously.  However, if you choose this option, you will not be able to track the progress online.  For this follow-up information, you can contact the Call Center by phone.  Your anonymity will always be respected.

What is 311?

  • 311 is a toll-free number reserved nationwide since 1997 for non-emergency calls to police and other government offices. Baltimore, Maryland was the first city to implement this system in 1996. Within two months of operation, 42% of 911 calls went to 311, lessening emergency-response times.
  • Since 1997, many cities and counties have adopted 311 call centers, allowing residents to register quality of life complaints and concerns. As part of its’ community-policing efforts, the Department of Justice has allocated over $5 million to help launch this system around the country.
  • 311 centers take requests for services only within their designated jurisdiction. When residents attempt to resolve an issue, their inquiry may be transferred several times before it reaches the appropriate department. Viewed as a customer service improvement strategy, operators within the operation handle the intake of citizen concerns and electronically route service requests to the appropriate city departments. 

The Importance of Having a 311 System

  • Non emergency 311 call systems can greatly reduce the 911 burden placed upon the local police department. As residents look for three components when they have a question or problem- one easy number to remember, to be helped by the first person they talked to, and 24 hour access- a 311 system provide a single point of contact, providing governments with the ability to improve city services.
  • 311 serves as an important public safety role, steering non-emergency calls away from 911, preserving the availability of the emergency system for callers truly in need of immediate attention. With the designation of a single number, it provides a centralized mechanism for assisting citizens while making city government more responsive and efficient.
  • The 311 system is deemed a very valuable tool for municipalities in the case of emergencies, such as hurricanes or winter storms.

Mission Statement

The City of Buffalo 311 Call and Resolution Center’s mission is to provide its citizens with access to city services, city information and non-emergency police services with the highest possible levels of customer service and satisfaction. Our 311 Call Center strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions and manage workloads efficiently, while providing insight into the needs of residents and ensuring that accurate and consistent services are delivered citywide to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Buffalo.

Below are the online reporting choices currently available.  We will be adding to this list as we expand our service capabilities.  If the option you wish is not yet listed, please call.


Report Snow Issues 
Having issues with snow? Report your issue

Volunteering, Animal Bite/Noise Complaints

Request Inspection, Building Codes,
New/Existing Permit Services

Pay Tickets, City-Towed Vehicles, Report a Parking Meter issue

Tree trimming, Tree Removal, Tree Planting

Crime Prevention, Report a Tip,

Street plowing, Street salting, Traffic sign, Request a bike rack, Report a pot hole

Online Payments
Pay all City of Buffalo bills here

Rental Registration
Rental Registration Informatiion etc..

Report a faulty street light, Services from the Sewer Authority, Water Authority 

Graffiti and Sanitation
Graffiti, Street/Sidewalk Cleaning, Litter, Garbage Can Maintenance

Web ComplaintsWeb Complaints
Have a complaint regarding our website?
Request to Post EventsRequest to Post Event
Please register your event's information by completing and submitting this application form


To track the progress of your case, please enter the Reference Number assigned to it and the e-mail address you provided at the time of your call.  If you placed a request by phone and did not provide an e-mail address, contact the Call and Resolution Center at 311 (or 851-4890) for a progress report.  For security reasons, those individuals who filed anonymously cannot receive an update online regardless of how the initial case was filed.  Instead, please call the 311 Call Center personally.  This will not compromise your anonymity.

Reference Number:
Email Address:

Contact Us

Call Center hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Phone Number: 311 or (716) 851-4890


Available online 24/7 @

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The City of Buffalo’s 311 Citizen Services Department has joined the Facebook community!  Please visit us and become a fan.  Stay on top of the latest updates, events, and announcements for the City of Buffalo