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Home > City Services > Mayor’s 48-Hour Pothole Repair Guarantee program

Mayor’s 48-Hour Pothole Repair Guarantee program

Anyone can report potholes by calling 311 or registering their information on-line at

Continues Effort to Improve the Quality of Life for Buffalo’s Residents; Provide Immediate Response to Calls for Service
The Mayor’s 48-Hour Pothole Repair Guarantee program, which is aimed at repairing the potholes throughout Buffalo. The new initiative continues the Brown Administration’s effort to improve the quality of life for Buffalo’s residents and provide an immediate response to calls for service.
“We all know what the freeze-thaw cycle can do to our streets,” Mayor Brown said. “Potholes are a problem in every northern city that experience the swing in temperatures between winter and spring, which is why this program is so important to Buffalo. Once a call comes into the Mayor’s 311 Call and Resolution Center, our crews will within 24 hours examine the targeted pothole, and either repair it right away, or, if it requires more substantial work, ensure that it is repaired in 48 hours, guaranteed.”
Seven permanent repair crews comprised of street repair workers and laborers (could be expanded to up to 9 crews with seasonal workers in the spring/summer) will form the Mayor’s Pothole Repair unit.
One-man crews will be assigned to residential streets, while two-man crews will work on busier, major roadways.
The only exception to the pothole guarantee would be during weekends and holidays, since crews do not work on Saturdays or Sundays. Calls to service received on weekends or holidays will be attended to on the following workday.
“Potholes can cause serious problems in the winter, such as accidents and damage vehicles,” said Mayor Brown. “My Administration continues to focus on the ‘little things’ that improve the quality of life for our residents and that is why this program is so critical.”